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How to be friends with an introvert as an extrovert (and vice versa)
Do you know the difference between introverts & extroverts?? Here’s a clue: it …
How to Wallpaper a Fridge
A wallpaper covered fridge. Who woulda thunk?   I’ve been putting in extra …
Disco ball planter DIY: how to upcycle old CDs
I am so excited to share this DIY disco ball planter tutorial! …
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic. Doesn’t just the title pique your interest? Just wait until …
You are a Badass (Books that changed my life: Pt 2)
You are a Badass is like a roadmap to your badassery. It’s …
5 tips for a better night’s sleep
I’ve always had trouble sleeping. I've continued riding the melatonin wave, but …

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Hey hey!

I’m Helen (she/her). I’m a singer, dancer, actor, writer, artist, sister, and would-be 4th year college student taking a much-needed break from the State School/academic environment to participate in a year-long dance conservatory.

I am passionate about learning new things, sharing what I know, and doing whatever I can to make someone’s day just a tad bit brighter. I love an Aperol Spritz or an oat milk latte, depending on the scene of course.

When I’m not dancing, I’m usually working on designs for my Etsy shop, watching Schitt’s Creek, or hanging around here!

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A side view of the top three quarters of a black fridge that has been covered in orange wallpaper with pink and orange toile pattern. The fridge is partially obscured by a white kitchen counter with a baking tin of muffins sitting on it.

How to Wallpaper a Fridge

A wallpaper covered fridge. Who woulda thunk?   I’ve been putting in extra effort to soften all the edges of my sleek and modern apartment unit so that it could become a comfy nest to come back to after classes. One thing I knew I wanted to do from the beginning was cover my refrigerator in wallpaper.

Pile of disco balls in a dark room with light reflecting off of them

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic. Doesn’t just the title pique your interest? Just wait until you read the book! We’ve reached the third installment of my series on…

Pink, yellow, and orange bath bom

5 tips for a better night’s sleep

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. I’ve continued riding the melatonin wave, but some nights it’s just not quite enough. I’m continually on the look out to add to my sleep-aid arsenal, but here are my tried and true tools for a better night’s sleep:

Faux Clay Pot: DIY painted vase

This DIY clay pot was simple and can be done on a budget (even cheaper if you already have paint and a brush). Here’s how to DIY your own faux clay pot:

Girl looking at vinyl record while surrounded by album covers

Therapy at the Disco Playlist(s)!

As I created the playlist Therapy at the Disco, I realized I needed to create a second more current one. The first is full of classic disco bops, but I couldn’t resist compiling a list of jams that would never have been played at Studio 54 (mostly because they weren’t released back then), but still emanate the spirit of disco in one way or another.

Helen from Disco Therapy holding a disco ball and wearing white boots, yellow floral wide legged merrimekko pants, and sitting on crushed maroon velvet

What the *hel* is Disco Therapy?

A couple of weeks ago a close friend asked me, “Wait, what does Disco Therapy actually mean?” Well crap, if my closest friends don’t even…

Galentine’s Day Care Packages

I love sweets, pink & red, and the celebration of every type of love. I took all three of those things and created care packages for some of the lovely ladies in my life.

Bolts of crushed stretch velvet in jewel tones

10 basic sewing terms you should know

I’ve known how to sew for years and years because my mother had the patience to teach me at the ripe age of 6 or 7. Right around that same time, the Samantha American Girl Doll movie came out and the scene of a sweatshop worker getting their fingers stuck in a sewing machine terrified me for years. Luckily, I overcame that hurdle and am now a sewing enthusiast.

Today, I present to you 10 (important) sewing terms and conventions:

Glass Bottle of Water on tiled

How to drink more water and actually enjoy it

I always get a bit frustrated when trying to find tactics for staying hydrated, because I’m often met with solutions that involve fruits and apps and all kinds of stuff that I am realistically not going to stick with after a few days. It’s all the more difficult when it’s freezing outside and a warm cup of anything sounds better than an ice-cold glass of water.

In the past few years, I have dedicated more time and effort to staying hydrated and these are my secrets to actually enjoying hydrating:

10 easy last minute gifts they’ll actually love

I’m someone who really finds a massive amount of joy in gift giving. I love figuring out the puzzle of what someone will really appreciate getting or the chase of finding that special something. But, every year the time seems to get away from me, and this year that is especially the case. In my own brainstorming of last-minute gift ideas, I’ve compiled a list of easy/quick/cheap gift suggestions.

black vinyl record playing on turntable

December Playlist

Glad tidings and warmest regards! We have finally reached the end of 2020…and boy has it been wackadoo. The end of the year always comes…

Zoom meetings got you down? Try these three tips. Disco Therapy

3 Remedies for Zoom Fatigue & Burnout

You know that foggy lethargic feeling you get after a week, a day, or even an hour of Zoom meetings? It’s a real thing and there’s a name for it: Zoom fatigue.

A bright blue sky partially covered by fall leaves in orange and yellow shades.

November Playlist

This month’s playlist is brought to you by strong drumlines, surprise fanfare, and a dash of angst. As is the case with most of my…

Quick tips for social media wellness

“Social Media Wellness” sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. After watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix this weekend, I had a LOT of thoughts swimming around about the toxic environment we live in. These are a few habits that I am/have been working on forming to build a healthier relationship with social media:

Pumpkin patch with tall stalks

October Playlist

This playlist= chill & sometimes spooky vibes with intermittent musical swells and haunting harmonies. Pairs well with getting ready for your Zoom call in the morning, taking the long way to the grocery store, registering to vote?
I created this playlist in Spotify, but used Tune My Music to convert it for Apple Music users. If that’s you, click here. Otherwise, I’ve linked the Spotify below. Scroll on down for a few highlights of my selections for this playlist.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Yellow serenity prayer

How I deal with “overwhelm” and you can too

This week on “Buzzwords That Make Me Want To Punch a Wall”: overwhelm. It seems to me, since the pandemic hit, the world has been suddenly concerned about “how to beat overwhelm.” As if it’s a new concept? I have been to therapy so I don’t actually punch walls like your local adolescent white boy. This is something I do instead. I combined a few strategies and put together a little chart for myself that actually calmed me down and made me feel more in control.

How to adjust to moving back home as a 20 something

This year, I am taking a much-needed break from the State School/academic environment….I’m not going to lie, living at “my parents’ house” — it feels weird saying that since I still feel like a 15-year-old most of the time — is challenging at times. I am supremely lucky that I have good relationships with both of my parents, but even so, this whole “sharing a space” thing can get old. Here are a few things that help me remember I’m a full-on human being with a life and purpose while living in my (sister’s) childhood bedroom: