What the *hel* is Disco Therapy?

Here you’ll find self-care ideas in the form of beauty & health tips, book recommendations, DIYs, and destressing activities. Self-care is inherently personal and not everything works for everyone. I want this to be place you feel free to be yourself here at Disco Therapy.

Together we’ll celebrate individuality, self-care, and authenticity. Life is hard, but you have the power to build your own oasis away from all that shit. You can’t pretend your problems don’t exist, but you’re allowed to take a break to put yourself first and I hope I can help.

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Who’s helen?

I am an introverted social butterfly who can talk your ear off, and then go recharge in my lair for a 48-hour-marathon of books and movies and chai tea. I’m an old soul who should’ve been alive in the 70’s or the roaring 20’s; I firmly believe too much is never enough when it comes to art deco and flare pants.

What’re you UP to?

When I would tell people I was a business major, people genuinely thought I was doing a bit. Welp, that “bit” lasted two and a half years until I dropped the Information Systems major switching to Theatre & Drama.

Now, as a would-be college senior, I said “see ya later” to my state school of 40,000 to focus on my dance training at a conservatory style dance program based in New York. To quote The Chicks, “I’m taking the long way around.” The scenic route is always more gratifying, right??

Why disco therapy?

I’ve been a dancer for 18 years, give or take, and have always loved anything remotely creative. I started this blog as an outlet for the thoughts and ideas swimming around my head, but it’s evolved into my little contribution to making the internet a happier, healthier place.


I am NOT a licensed therapist or counselor and nothing I say on here should ever be taken as medical advice. If you are ever feeling anxious, hopeless, etc. please tell someone. Asking for help is a sign of bravery, not weakness. Your feelings are valid. For some resources visit my Resources page.

I’m not here to…

  • Pretend that life doesn’t suck sometimes
  • Promote toxic positivity and ignore reality
  • Shame anyone for how they feel or react
  • Claim that what works for me and makes me happy is the healthiest choice for everyone