Apple Cider Donut Muffins: A quick and impressive fall dessert

Disclaimer: I did not write this recipe.
I used this recipe with a few subtle tweaks: Click here!

I’m not going to walk you through every step of prepping and baking these fall muffins, because nine times out of ten I end up scrolling past those anyway. I will, however, pass along the most pressing information as to why these lil guys are so frickin’ wonderful.

White bowl with mini fall muffins covered in cinnamon sugar and cinnamon sticks

Sugar + spice = serotonin

These muffins cure seasonal depression. Just kidding (mostly). I’ve been making these muffins every October for six years. I know, I couldn’t believe that either, but I fact checked myself and found an IG photo I posted in 2014. WOAH. Times may have changed, but my love for these muffins has not. My endorphins have a little party every time I make them, eat them, and share them.

More than your average muffin

When I say muffins, don’t get it twisted, these are not your Grammy’s bran muffins; they are coated in butter and magic pixie dust (aka cinnamon sugar). I guess if you don’t enjoy delicious treats or you have a need to limit your sugar intake, skip this step: I promise they’re delicious at every stage of the process. I like to opt for apple cider from a farmer’s market, but that obviously isn’t an accessible option for everyone. Your muffins will still be spiced with appley goodness no matter where you purchase your cider. But, please, for the love of god, do NOT use apple cider vinegar. It is so. very. different. and you will probably gag if you use it instead 😊 (Please report back if this is not the case.)

Fall muffins with apple cider and flour

Why they’re so damn good

I sent a few friends care packages with the apple cider donut muffins as the main event. They stayed fresh and moist (sorry, but I don’t have problem with this word) traveling as far as The Bronx even with the slooooow pace of the post office these days. Needless to say, they’ll stay fresh in a sealed container longer than you can keep your hands off them.

Cinnamon sugar coated fall muffins with cinnamon sticks and a dish of melted butter

Things you should know

As is my nature, I looked up a few different recipes to collect a few techniques that I might use while making the muffins. Several foodies agreed that when making baked goods with apple cider, the flavor is enhanced by simmering the cider for 10-15 minutes. Adding the spices into the cider while I brought it to a boil then reducing it to a simmer really did the trick for me.

I always add a slice of bread to the container I store my baked goods in. The bread will help keep the treats soft or soften them in some cases if they’ve started to dry out. This is also a great way to use the bread butts if you think you’re too good to eat them; (Cutting down on food-waste in tiny ways adds up!)

Please comment to let me know if you make these fall muffins or have another go-to fall recipe you’d like to share!

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