10 easy last minute gifts they’ll actually love

Ten easy ideas for last minute gifts over pastel cookies

I’m someone who really finds a massive amount of joy in gift giving. I love figuring out the puzzle of what someone will really appreciate getting or the chase of finding that special something. But, every year the time seems to get away from me, and this year that is especially the case. In my own brainstorming of last-minute gift ideas, I’ve compiled a list of easy/quick/cheap gift suggestions.

  1. DIY rice bag
    • This takes very basic sewing skills, old sheets or a pillow-case, rice, and lavender if you’re a boujee bitch.
  2. DIY Lavender spray
    • This DIY is slightly pricier than the others because of the lavender. Depending where you purchase it or what type it is (food grade or craft grade) the price might be a little higher.
  3. DIY Rose bath scrub
    • You can make a ton of this in one sitting, from just a few flowers, so your whole list could be treated to this deceptively easy gift.
Pink rose sugar scrub made in food processor for a last-minute gift for Christmas

For instructions for these three DIYs, check out this page!

  1. Cookie Kit
    • Choose your own adventure! Chocolate chip, gingerbread, sugar cookies, you name it! Just fill a mason jar/old sauce jar with layers of all the dry ingredients from your desired recipe. Make sure to separate the ingredients into different containers or with some type of partition if there are any steps that specify mixing in a certain order.
  2. Dinner kit
    • Grab a basket or cute gift bag and throw in the ingredients to a comforting dinner. It can be as simple as a box of pasta (to make it more fun, store it in a jar or another creative airtight container), a fancy-ish piece of cheese, a jar of sauce, and a loaf of crusty bread.
  3. Subscription
    • There are a few different ways you can go with this. If you already have a subscription to a streaming platform or online platform, add a close friend onto your account.
    • If you’re looking to get a good deal, there are a lot of first time offers from sites like Bright Cellars or Winc. Be careful reading the terms of the subscription in case you will automatically be charged for next month or need to cancel by a certain date.
    • If you really want to ball-out, gift an entire year’s subscription. Some packages like Used Book Monthly are less than $10 a month. (a full year if you’re willing to splurge)
  4. Plan a fun day
    • Plan a COVID-safe day of activities or an IOU/itinerary for when things open up more (Depending where you live: a picnic, visiting a museum, scout out fun thrift shops or novelty shops to go to.)
  1. Propagate a plant
    • If you already have house plants, share the love! Not all plants propagate, but there are tons of how-to guides for different plants. Tell the person you’re starting the process and/or print out a picture of their future plant for them since this process can take a bit of time before you’re ready to hand it off. Beginner’s Guide to Propagating
  2. Thrift something
    • Depending on your style, visit the classiest or coolest neighborhood and browse their Goodwill or local shop. There are sure to be some gems in the home section: mugs, cool vases, bowls you can use as decor or desk storage, an old record—either as decor or to listen to, or books all make great gifts!
  3. A specifically funny or sweet card with a heartfelt note
    • Every relationship dynamic is different, but I know that if I gave a note to a friend of mine instead of a “real gift” they would definitely appreciate it. It’s super trite & cliche to say “it’s the thought that counts,” but honestly, if you’ve made it this far into 2020 with semi-functioning brain cells that are capable of thoughtfulness, you’re winning.
Card with David Rose and Patrick with the words You're simply the best

What is your go-to last-minute gift?

I hope you all have a magical holiday season! Stay safe, warm, and healthy!

Xo, Helen (P.S. I am not getting paid to share any of the links in this list)

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