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I am constantly on the hunt for new music and my friends make fun of me for how often I exclaim the words “this is my favorite song!!” I’m always carefully curating playlists for loved ones based on what I know they’d enjoy and my own favorite tunes.

I spent the last week putting together 4 mood playlists to share. Rather than choosing the typical emotions (i.e. happy, sad, angry, etc.) I opted to name the playlists after the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind (air). I think these capture the moods better than any one defined emotion would.


listen here

This playlist is comprised of songs that I dance around my room in the wee hours of the night with friends. It’s the perfect set of songs to put you in a good mood when you’re stuck in a funk. I chose songs from polar opposite genres from Carole King to Kygo, stocked it full with alt and soft rock and even threw in a musical theatre jam for good measure. There are plenty of oldies mixed in with newer songs that maintain the vibe of the older hits. I hope that this playlist finds you singing in the shower, dancing barefoot in the kitchen, snuggled in a fuzzy blanket while you wait for your coffee to kick in.


listen here

My first thought when designing this playlist was sadness because I associate water with tears. As I went along though, I realized that it didn’t have to just represent pure sadness; it can be for when you’re tired, lonely, have fomo, feel sneezy or sleepy. Although, many of the songs make me cry, this isn’t a strictly sad playlist.


listen here

This playlist ebbs and flows from one song to another. It’s s perfect for a beach day, a chill commute to work, stretching, painting, or just laying about. There’s a little something for everyone in this list whether you’re into Drake, Hozier, or Sheryl Crow.


listen here

Lastly, this playlist is for working out, going out, and jamming out. The high tempo of the songs on this list will motivate you to sweat, get your work done, or serve as a soundtrack to your make up routine.

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  1. Your music taste is very diverse. You grouped songs I’ve never thought I’d even place together on a playlist, like Rex Orange country and Simon and crofters (is that how it’s spelled) but now that I think about it, they do really portray a mood. Great music taste!

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