The Two Playlists You Need This Weekend

Hello Love! I’m coming at ya with two new playlists that have been essentials for me this summer. My Spotify is filled with playlists for very specific occasions and moods, from dance warm ups to road trips through Arizona. 

I prefer not to have super long playlists because then my songs gets lost in the shuffle, literally and figuratively. Now I have 102 playlists, about 10 that I rotate through on a regular basis, and some that I rarely listen to, but when I do it’s like I found $20 in a jacket pocket that I completely forgot about. 

I made it easy for you and made just two 2:30 long playlists: one for wallowing in your bed eating ungodly amounts of cheese and crackers and one for dancing around the kitchen barefoot while you wait for cookies to finish baking. 

My Name Is Helen and You’re Listening to Sad Girl Hours

What you need to know:

This isn’t just your average crying playlist. You need to have a break to breathe every few songs, right? This playlist is great for when you just need to steer into the skid of your sad girl (or sad boi) hours and let someone else articulate your slump for you. 

Barefoot Dance Parties

What you need to know:

I had very high standards for this one. They had to be songs that I can’t resist dancing to. So after you cry while listening to the first playlist, you can dance it off with your runny nose and puffy eyes. Obviously you don’t need to go through your sad phase before having a dance party, but it’s pretty dang useful in that situation. 

And I’m not out here to snub my Apple Music user friends. I don’t understand you, but I still love you. These links are through a nifty website that converts playlists from one platform to another! Just click the link and follow the directions on the site!

Sad Girl Hours on iTunes

Barefoot Dance Parties on iTunes

Please let me know how you like the playlists and hit me up with more music suggestions! Have a wonderful day! 

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