• A side view of the top three quarters of a black fridge that has been covered in orange wallpaper with pink and orange toile pattern. The fridge is partially obscured by a white kitchen counter with a baking tin of muffins sitting on it.

    How to Wallpaper a Fridge

    A wallpaper covered fridge. Who woulda thunk?   I’ve been putting in extra effort to soften all the edges of my sleek and modern apartment unit so that it could become a comfy nest to come back to after classes. One thing I knew I wanted to do from the beginning was cover my refrigerator in wallpaper.

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  • Disco ball planter with monstera plant next to a record player with the Elton John Greatest Hits Vinyl

    Disco ball planter DIY: how to upcycle old CDs

    I am so excited to share this DIY disco ball planter tutorial! Nothing brightens a room quite like a disco ball, let alone a functional one!

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  • Faux Clay Pot: DIY painted vase

    This DIY clay pot was simple and can be done on a budget (even cheaper if you already have paint and a brush). Here’s how to DIY your own faux clay pot:

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Hey hey, I'm Helen!

Hey hey, I’m Helen!

the gal behind the disco

I’m Helen (she/her). I’m a singer, dancer, actor, writer, artist, sister, and recent graduate! I’m New York City based with midwest roots and a bucket list with everywhere on it!

I am passionate about learning new things, sharing what I know, and doing whatever I can to make someone’s day just a tad bit brighter. I love an Aperol Spritz or an oat milk latte, depending on the scene of course.

When I’m not dancing, I’m usually working on designs for my Etsy shop, watching Schitt’s Creek, or hanging around here!